About us

Creative Wizards at Work

Our strength lies in creating visually appealing experiences for both offline and online media

Our work starts from the moment you get in touch with us. We study your business, your expectations & your target market. We study your competition & their placement in market.

We work to groom your entire business and convert it into a memorable brand in the minds of the customers. It starts with your business name, tagline that goes with it, logo and colors(visual presentation of your business) your business card, stationary, website, marketing collaterals, social media, advertising, packaging, just about everything.


we work

Meet & Discuss

At Wizfactory, before starting any project, we always try, wherever possible to meet in person with our clients and discuss their vision & expectations with the project. We discuss their market, their competition, their selling points, strong and weak points. This put us in great position to come up with relevant concepts.

Idea/ Concept

It is this stage, where we pick up pencil and paper and start scribbling many different concepts for the project.

All these concepts, later boiled down to few best concepts which we present to our clients. We discuss possibilities around those, refine the ideas. Once we have the client happy any of the concept, we move to next stage, DESIGN


Stage with lot of fun and creativity involved. This stage requires playfulnesss to be free and play with different styles along with attention to add fine details.

When we are working specially for web, along with desktop version, we also design mobile and ipad versions of the site and show them to the clients. We take or add elements based on the requirement. We always make ample use of white space to make content easily readable.

This stage ends with freezing of the visual of the final product.


We take the completed design from Stage 3 and start with the implementation in respective media, whether it is print or web or digital.

For web projects, we carry out the development on our demo servers where clients can actually see the development happening and give us their feedbacks in the process. We test our sites on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE(8=+) We try to incorporate latest tech to add interactity and newly introduced elements in our project. But we always keep graceful degradation in mind. Responsive projects are tested in mobiles, ipads and desktops thorougly


At this stage, we test, test and test the project for any design related or development related bug in web projects. We make sure the end product is made as it was predicted in ideas stage.

We always provide work within pre decided timelines. Our work has the magic touch of creative wizards of Wizfactory.

Bird Eye View

Wizfactory has experience in delivering world class work to a diverse range of clients in India and internationally.

Bird Eye View Approach makes us to see your project from above, take an overall look of your business, existing position in market and then device solutions accordingly. We create solutions to go with over all brand. Whatever your project requirement is, we make sure the output fits well with your business theme.

If you are new business, we make sure we understand your vision and translate that into your brand design. It should emit the aura of your values and ideology behind starting the business.

We believe that design is an expression of thought.